Project Management Consulting

We specialize in project management, cost management, risk management, data management and time management. We rely on highly qualified project management consultants with proven track records.

Our approach

In Drina, We tailor our approach to the particular context of each project relying on our consultants multidisciplinary expertise. We also collaborate with companies and working professionals to identify and satisfy their unique learning needs. We propose high quality professional certification trainings related to project management.

PMO Design, Setup, Alignment & Deployment

OPM Maturity Assessment


Project Health Checks

Our Services

We have a strong track record of accomplishment and providing successful project services. We combine software provision, project services consultancy and training to create additional value for your business as a whole.

With Drina Immediate Project Services Support, we will bring in highly qualified project management experts to help your team to achieve project goals.

Our approach reduces risk and helps clients deliver projects in a consistent and improved manner, no matter what stage of the project lifecycle we are appointed in.

We work with your organization to understand and assess your project management processes and culture, enabling issues to be identified.

We then support you to develop and coach your project managers and leaders in the development of new processes, driving real behavioral change that leads to superior project performance.

We will help your leadership team to articulate clear, measurable strategic and financial objectives, so that each new project idea can be clearly prioritized, enabling a phased implementation plan for the whole transformation to be created.

We also take a broad view and understand what drives real success in complex investments. This includes defining the right strategies and providing leadership and implementation in best practice program controls

We are oracle gold partner. We offer powerful, robust, and easy-to-use cloud and on-premise applications for globally prioritizing, planning, managing, and delivering successful projects, programs, and portfolios.

In Drina, we identify the best solutions for your project, program and portfolio management needs based on your key operational requirements. We then assess the likely impact of these solutions for your business and suggest the most effective integration and collaboration tools. We develop customized project management solutions that can be integrated with your existing products.

We offer high quality certification training related to project control and management.

We ensure that our training help your project teams to improve their technical and soft skills and to unlock the full potential.

We also assist your company in achieving increased knowledge through practical application, training, and education. We focus on a dynamic and interactive experience.

Your learning will not only be educational but enjoyable.

Our Clients